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How long is the service life for antistatic blister tray?

2018-11-15 07:56:57

As we all know, the anti-static blister tray can protect the product from damage. So the question is how long can the anti-static electronic tray be used, and what will be affected by the shortening of its cycle and reduce the service life of anti-static?

Shenzhen Ourway Packing Products Co.,Ltd will give you a brief introduction of the antistatic electronic packaging blister tray, and its use cycle and the difference between various levels! (ps: Also we provide best antistaticpackaging trays for you !)

Anti - static tray includes conductive tray, semi-conductive tray and anti -static tray.

The first type: Conductive Blister Tray

Conductive blister tray becomes permanent anti-static tray. The normal use time is 1 ~ 3 years. Anti-static value is not affected by the environment, air, temperature and humidity. The reason why it is called permanent antistatic, because the service life of general tray is so long.

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The second type: Semi-conductive plastic blister tray

The normal use time is of half a year to 1 year.The antistatic index is not affected by environment, air and humidity, but its price is equal to that of conductive material. And the antistatic index of conductive material is more stable.

The third type: Anti - static blister tray

The normal use time for 3~6 months. However, its antistatic value will be affected by the environment, air, temperature and humidity, so as to shorten the service life of antistatic. The unit price is lower than that of conductive and semi-conductive materials. It is recommended for customers who do not require long time to use antistatic.

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